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Meditacious iPhone app

Our first project was released not long ago.
We know (by experience) that the hardest part of meditation, is not meditation itself but to build the discipline to establish a daily meditation practice.
That’s why that we focused our efforts on building the perfect
app with unique features to give you the little nudge to take
some time, sit and meditate. Along with our app, we build
a companion website, so you can easily stay in touch with
fellow practitioner, but also track your practices and check your
progress on a bigger screen!

We’re currently working on a interactive app to help kids establish a meditation practice.
The way children learn has dramatically changed in the last few years. iPads have brought to the table new ways to learn, interact and motivate kids.
With that in mind, we’re working on an interactive book to give children a taste of meditation. Kids, will be able to unlock new features, chapters and rewards by accomplishing tasks and exercises that will help them slowly establish a meditation practice.
Screenshots coming soon!

iPad interactive book